Getting it up | IT Park
2011.November.24, 7:16pm
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Had these pictures of my drawings taken at IT Park Photo Studio in Taipei.

Postcards | Composers II
2011.November.23, 8:27pm
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Two pics of mailed sketches for my composer illustrations. Some of these old (well, dead) folks’ visages are so well known in certain photographs or paintings that I’m hesitant to draw them based on other people’s artwork. After a little thought though, I’m with the Richard Prince and Shepard Fairey idea that all’s fair in art and war. Ask me about it later if you copy my images, use them for a book cover without giving me royalties, and I sue you.

2011.November.12, 6:42pm
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Two rough pics of drawings I did to illustrate articles by Celia Llopis-Jepsen for the Taipei Times. The articles are here and here.

2011.November.9, 12:08pm
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Here’s Forever Bicycles (2011), Ai Weiwei’s installation at a show titled Absent at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Mark Twain said that if a joke doesn’t work, you should repeat it until it does. There’s been a lot of shit-talk about this exhibition here in Taiwan (mostly about funding and the use of the museum’s space), but I like this piece. Something about repetition I guess. RepetitionĀ  hasĀ  to do with saying the same thing over and over, redundancy, or repeating yourself. My scooter series explores a similar theme.

2011.November.7, 1:39am
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Chunghwa Post and US Postal Service employees have been excellent art handlers so far. These late-night scrawls of Brahms, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky made it to the US no rougher than when I dropped them in a Taipei mailbox. Full-size, o-fficial illustrations from my composer series here.

Postcards | Torso
2011.November.6, 10:21am
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Good place to start.