Blake Carter is an artist based in Tacoma, Washington. His mostly figurative work is an attempt to embrace dichotomies including realism and abstraction, control and accident, individualism and anonymity, and “high-brow” and “low-brow” art.

Blake often focuses on people who are seen but overlooked, such as pedestrians crossing the street, people doing yardwork, or crowds of scooter drivers at a busy intersection in Taipei. They’re everyday people who could be doing well or not so well, yet look similar in passing, if one bothers to look. These people might seem only a backdrop to our everyday lives, but could fascinate a child looking out of a car or train window. Everyone has a story to tell, or at least a story for you to imagine, if you look closely.

In 2018, Blake received a Drawings Award at the Edmonds Art Festival, won a purchase award from the Kent Arts Commission (his first piece in a public collection), remained on the Seattle Public Art Roster, and was selected for an April 2019 exhibition at the Centennial Center Gallery in Kent, Washington. His previous solo exhibitions include shows at the Swiss Pub and Bluebeard Coffee Roasters in Tacoma, the Pioneer Square Saloon in Seattle, and the Disco Bay Detour in Port Townsend, Washington.

Blake’s artwork and illustrations have been featured in the Taiwan News and Taipei Times newspapers, and in promotional materials for the San Francisco Symphony, the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Seattle-based Trio Pardalote, and the Darin Caine Hellhound Express blues trio. He has written about contemporary art for publications including Flash Art magazine, Taiwan Review, and the Taipei Times.

Inquiries about prices or commission fees can be made to blakecarter13 (“at” symbol) gmail (dot) com, or search Facebook for “Blake Carter Tacoma” and send a message. Find him on Instagram @blakethecarter.

All works by Blake Carter. May not be reproduced, copied, or used in any form without express consent by the artist.

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