2012.July.17, 3:40am
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Just finished the Martin Kippenberger biography written by his younger sister, great stuff. Can’t think of any other bios of really contemporary artists like this. Usually they’re from an art historical angle, but this one’s nice and personal, with lots of stories from friends and acquaintances. I guess the turnaround on this one was accelerated as MK was only 44 when he died.

It’s obvious at times that, as MK’s sister, the author doesn’t describe in full detail what a difficult and hurtful person he could be, but she does state that he was difficult and the anecdotes she includes give you an idea even if they don’t plumb the depths. And whether you like his art or not, there’s no topping MK for titles:

  • After getting stomped by a group of punk rockers, MK advertised a show with a hospital picture of his badly swollen, bandaged and bruised face. The show title: “Dialogue with the Youth”
  • MK had a serious drinking problem. Another title: “Cirrhosis of the Liver Is No Excuse for Bad Art”
  • “The Magical Misery Tour”
  • Show title: “Through Puberty to Success”
  • Series of self-portraits: “Martin, In the Corner, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”



Just finished a new scooter drawing here in California, thanks to high-quality vehicle pictures I imported from Taipei.  I used pens from the Sakura Pigma series. The Micron 08 worked well throughout, but the larger, bullet-shaped nibs on the Graphic 1 broke apart quickly and I went through three of them. For the last scooter drawing this size I used Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens, but the “B” (bold I guess) nib came apart just like the Sakura nibs did this time. Still searching for the perfect nib on an “archival” pen.