My show at Laguna Inkspot Gallery comprises nineteen pieces in ten different sizes. The distance between the floor and the center of each piece is 57 inches, so the top of a 30 inch piece is 72 inches above the floor (57 + (30/2)), easy right? But then the wires attaching each of the works are at different heights, even for two works of the same size (one wire might hold a work at 7.25 inches from the top of the frame, another at 7.5 inches from the top). Height of nail equals 1/2 height of artwork minus distance from top of frame to wire plus 57 inches. Then they need to be centered on the wall. When this show’s all finished and done I’ll post a list of what I would do if I were starting over, no big mistakes but could have made things easier for myself.

2012.October.23, 8:47pm
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My good friend Dana Jurika sent me these pics of him and friends acting goofy with one of my “Art Portraits.” This one’s Art Garfunkel. Thanks Dana.



The last picture above features two of my works and Larry, the owner and sole employee of the frame shop up the street. This morning I dropped off the last few pieces for my show next month, so I had a chance to see what Larry’s done. The man is incredible. The frames and mats are exactly what I wanted — sleek and modern to highlight the grid-like composition and contrast with the rough, expressive line in my drawings. Even better, Larry’s giving me a bulk rate that’s so good that I can afford to custom frame 19 pieces for the show.

2012.October.7, 6:59pm
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Here are sketches I drew while spending time with my brother (who is cooking “three-cup chicken” above) in Huntington Beach.

2012.October.5, 7:24am
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This is a sketch for the drawing below. I’m trying out my new box of Prismacolor Premier Cool Grey markers. From a distance some of my scooter and pedestrian drawings just look like fields of little blips. Though I’ve nothing against little-blip fields, I thought I’d up the neat-grid-minimalist-versus-sloppy-sketch ante by giving them an Op Art look.

The outer ring of 364 Fading Pedestrians, which I drew with Sakura Pigma pens. Love those nibs.

The inner section of 364 Fading Pedestrians, probably around 50% Cool Grey with the Prismacolors.

A broader detail from 364 Fading Pedestrians, showing the fade from black to 90%, 80%, etc etc down to 10% Prismacolor Cool Grey. My brother says it looks like I spilled a glass of water on my drawing.

And at last, 364 Fading Pedestrians, leaned against a car in front of the house, before I erased the penciled grids I used to plan the work.


2012.October.4, 12:00am
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Just received these pictures courtesy of John Borland, who commissioned me to make this piece (489 Scooters, 2012) a couple of months ago. We planned the work for a wall space at the top of a staircase in the back of the house, but after receiving it he decided to hang it at the end of the entry hall — first thing you see when you come in the front door! He even hired a child model for the unveiling.  Great to see my artwork find a good home.