2012.May.19, 7:28am
Filed under: 2012.MAY, SCRAPS

“The grid serves not only as emblem but also as myth. For like all myths, it deals with paradox or contradiction not by dissolving the paradox or resolving the contradiction, but by covering them over so that they seem (but only seem) to go away.”

Thanks Rosalind Krauss.

I wasn’t sure about adding color so I snapped the first shot beforehand. I’m still not sure about adding color.

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I think the color adds an extra dimension to the painting! Hung side by side they would be very interesting

Comment by eidnas rethguals

i love how your work’s changing with location blake – scooter series so evocative of times past and now? i’m intrigued as to your landscape there in california…

i like the cars with colour.

Comment by lorna amor

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